If I try to rearrange the shortcuts to app icons on my homescreen, sometimes they disappear. It happens to all apps, bookmarks, and folders, too: even stock apps, like Play Store. I have an LG optimus s that I got about a year ago, new. I'm running 2.3.3. Gingerbread. Details : app icons often reappear in folders after reboot, sometimes without reboot. I'll say again, for clarity, that this only happens when I attempt to rearrange the icons : no spontaneous disappearances! I use my phone almost 24/7, as I do not own a tablet or a computer with wifi, so I like everything to be in it's place.

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are you using the stock launcher? Clearing all data from your launcher app should sort of reset your app. You can try that from Settings -> Applications -> (Launcher App) and then hit the "Clear Data" button. You will lose your homescreen settings preferences.

Also, you can try using a different launcher like Nova Launcher or GO Launcher. This should solve your issue.


For me, tapping MenuShow more icons / Show less icons (this should be "Show fewer icons", but w/e) does the trick usually.

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