I have a custom itinerary I prepared on maps.google.com on my PC (forcing some routing) and I would like to transfer it to my android smartphone, then use the navigation features of the Maps app.

The only thing I managed to do is to open this itinerary in a browser (on maps.google.com via the link I get on the PC) but not to transfer it to the Maps app. Is there a way to do this? Does the Maps app even supports custom routes?


Install Google Maps Engine.

Google Maps Engine on Android enables you to view your custom maps anywhere, anytime.

I'm not sure, but Navigation will probably not work as described here:

For navigation, searching for local places, etc. please check out the Google Maps for Mobile app.

  • I tried but I do not even know how to bring in my custom maps inside (it is bound to my account but does not see my maps, only a few public ones).
    – WoJ
    Nov 20 '13 at 8:04

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