so I'm a bit confused. I'm going to try to organize my question here and not create a wall of text so please bear with me.

Problem - I have a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 2 that I'd like to save the data from. no sim card, pattern locked. I don't know the pattern to unlock, nor do I remember the google account information to unlock it. USB debugging is NOT turned on so I cannot reach it via ADB, and it's not setup as a disk drive so simply attaching to a PC isn't a solution either.

Possible Solution - After lots of research, I've found a possible solution where I A - install CWM via the "Update from SD Card" feature in Android System Recovery, then B - Flash a Pattern Unlock to the device. This "should" in theory work, or at the very least if I get CWM installed, open a host of other possibilities to try.

Reason the above is not working - I've downloaded each file, placed them on a micro SD card via an adapter, and put them into the phone. After booting into the recovery console and going to the Update via SD Card option, I do not see any of the files on the SD card. I've gone as far as to boot the phone into recovery without the SD card installed and I literally see the same data. in short - I cannot get the SD card files to show up in the recovery console (this is a stupid problem to have and I'm hoping I'm just missing something).

What I'd like - some advice on how to get the files from the SD card to show in the recovery console. I'm assuming it must be easy. If not - perhaps an alternative method to get around the pattern lock that does not involve a factory reset. thanks.

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    Under the Option "install zip from SD card", do you have an option to "Choose zip from external SD" or only the default "Choose Zip from SD-Card"? Commented May 6, 2014 at 9:32

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I have had issues flashing from an external SD card due to the format of the card.

I was unable to detect a card when it was was NTFS.

After reformatting as FAT32 there was no issue. So try that, if possible.


If your recovery supports adb sideloading, you can flash ROM from your computer using the command adb sideload path-to-file.zip.

You have to choose the option flash zip from adb sideload then execute that command from your computer.

Make sure you have adb drivers beforehand.

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