I was using Secret of Happiness for about three months, and created some notes during this time period. At one point when I wanted to add a new note, the application froze, and I had to force close it.

I tried to look for the directory where it stores data. I hoped it would be some database, XML, or CSV format so I could view the notes data, but wasn't able to find it. I also tried to copy the app's data to the SD card but it's not there either.

How can I find out where this app stores its data, and how can I view my notes again?


Each app gets a storage directoy assigned in /data/data/<package_name>1, so in your case that would be /data/data/com.soh. However, without root privileges, you cannot directly access that directory.

A possible work-around (for non-rooted devices) would be to create an "ADB backup" of the app (see our adb tag-wiki for details), and then "disassemble" that2. You should then find databases (SQLite) as well as "shared_prefs" (XML files) with additional information.

1 see also: Where in the file system are applications installed?
2 see: How do you extract an App's data from a full backup made through “adb backup”?, Is there a way to look inside and modify an adb backup created file?

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