I got the ota update for kitkat and after that installed the android launcher ripped from nexus 5 rom. The result is that my icons look too big. Is there any way to decrease that or use a custom rom to change the size?

  • I strongly doubt it.
    – Dan Hulme
    Nov 23 '13 at 11:18

EDIT: Just came across KitKat Launcher, a clone of the stock KK launcher with some mods. More info on their XDA thread.

Jboi explained:

Unless you write you own Homescreen launcher or use an existing one from Goolge Play, there's no way to resize icons.

Well, no way does not mean its impossible:

  • As said, you can write your own launcher as discussed in Stackoverflow.
  • You can resize elements on the home screen, but these elements are AppWidgets. Since API level 14 they can be resized and user can - in limits - change the size. But that are Widgets not Shortcuts for launching icons.

Use another launcher (for example, Nova Launcher).

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