My Nexus 4 is recognized by ./adb devices when connected via USB. Also USB debugging is enabled. Unfortunately the device isn't rooted so pulling the contacts db file doesn't work as I don't have access to the appropriate directories (I think). How can I retrieve my contacts in this situation?

Note I never synced my contacts with Google.


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if you got airdroid working you can use your pc screen.


you can get the app installed through google play online.

is your screen broken meaning you cant see it, or it also doesnt accept input?

  • Thanks for the info. My screen was broken and would not respond to touch events. However the display still works. The solution I went w/ was issuing adb commands to open the contacts app, scroll up/down, view contact etc and just wrote down the info for each contact. Commented Dec 8, 2013 at 23:08

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