I'm running CyanogenMod 7 and I'd like to enable passwordless SSH login to my main Linux computer on my network, but only when the phone is accessing the server over the same network. How/where should I put my .ssh/known_hosts file to enable this?

  • What app are you using for SSH, and does it even support this? – Matthew Read Feb 10 '11 at 2:30
  • I'm using the SSH that is shipped with CyanogenMod, I wrote a script in Bash which will connect me to my server (ie ssh -p 1024 rfkrocktk@work-laptop), and I simply execute that. The SSH implementation is Dropbear client v0.52. – Naftuli Kay Feb 10 '11 at 2:48

Try this:

  1. Take/generate a public key of your Android device. Don't you ever hardcode your password into scripts :)

  2. Put it into .ssh/authorized_keys on main computer

  3. Then use "from=" mask to limit IP/hostname to your LAN, like from="192.168.1.*".

If IP range won't work, set up a fixed hostname for MAC address of your device on WLAN. Some AP firmwares, like OpenWRT, allow it.

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