Every time I turn on or restart my phone, I always get this "Log in to sync applications" notification from Facebook. How do I disable this?

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Using Titanium Backup, freeze the SNS x.x.x app with a Facebook icon. You can also disable this through the phone's Settings > More > Application manager.



The following answer is supplemental.

I recommend using the phone settings menu to disable SNS. If it is already running the phone will handle that automatically by force-closing it. Go to Settings > More > Application manager > All. If you ever want to enable SNS again, you can do so by going to Settings > More > Application manager > Turned Off. You will find it listed here. Tap on it and then tap the Turn On button to enable.

Following screenshots are taken from a Samsung Galaxy S4 Plus (GT-I9506). I hope these can serve as a reference for future visitors.

scrn1 scrn2 scrn3 scrn4 scrn5

One of the apps that are clearly affected by disabling SNS is the Gallery app. The SNS app has the following special permissions.

  • com.sec.android.app.gallery3d.READ_SNS
  • com.sec.android.app.gallery3d.WRITE_SNS

If I am right (which I may not be, but which I certainly should be! ;) and I am mostly right anyway!) this menas that you won't be able to share things like photos and videos directly through the Gallery or the Camer/Gallery app (Camera switches to Gallery when previewing photos). You will have to start the Facebook app and then pick your photos and videos for upload.

As can be seen from the screenshots above, the icon of SNS does not look like a Facebook icon. It's a plain simple Android robot icon with a package on his belly.

It may indicate he's pregnant! hihi =) A baby droid is on the way!

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