My question in short:

I want a cloud storage, but on my own servers. I know there's Owncloud for Android, but it's quite limited. Is it possible to get a similar "user experience" like with other cloud services, with your own "cloud resources"? How could that be done?

Please note that the phone is rooted.

Closer explanation:

I have tried searching for an alternative on alternativeTo but didn't find anything particular to my scenario. I'm mainly seeking to find a solution that does not require the installation of an app.

I'd like to be able to:

  • Instantly sync photos taken by camera to owncloud
  • Sync latest Titanium Backup files
  • Selectively sync other files and folders

I realize owncloud's Android app can do all of the above, but I'd like to know if this can be done without an app.

The screenshots below may give you an idea of what I have in mind. Can the function in the first screenshot at the left be replicated in such a way that we can use ownCloud? The other three screenshots show that I can add a server, but not a file sync server - which is what I need - ownCloud in my case.

Samsung Galaxy Note II screenshots

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  • If I remember correctly, OwnCloud does include support for either FTP, SFTP or FTPS? If so, I might have a working combination I'm even using myself on multiple devices, though not directly with OwnCloud. – Izzy Dec 3 '13 at 17:50
  • Just realized my typo. I meant "but I'd like to know if this can be done without an app." Fixed. Does this render my question valid? If not, you may migrate it to the proper sub-forum or delete it if necessary. – Ugo Dec 3 '13 at 20:04
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  • No, I think it's perfectly fine now: you're looking for a solution, not specificall for a certain app. Could you answer the question in my last comment: Can you access your OwnCloud server via FTP/SFTP/FTPS? – Izzy Dec 3 '13 at 21:59

Combining several apps you most likely find useful for other means as well, this should be accomplishable. So first, let's list the components:

  • Tasker: the mighty automation tool will trigger several actions for us
  • FolderSync: will do the real copy/sync jobs
  • Titanium Backup will do your backups (well, it does already).

No need to elaborate on Titanium Backup, as you already use it. Most likely together with its integrated scheduler, so you have an idea about what time that job has finished.

So the next candidate is FolderSync. It obviously can do with OwnCloud, as described e.g. in Use the Android App FolderSync with ownCloud – using WebDAV, in fact. Which means you've first to setup your OwnCloud account in FolderSync (as described in the linked short-tut), and then define "folder pairs", i.e. which folder on your device should be sync'd with which on the OwnCloud server. Recommendation: configure it for manual sync; as nice as the integrated scheduler might sound, I experienced it woke up the device all 5 minutes 24/7 even with only one daily sync configured. So better leave that integrated scheduler off, we either need something else to trigger your "instant photo upload".

Third candidate: Tasker. You can use this to schedule your regular sync intervals (easy to do, as it's just a time interval as condition, and the FolderSync pair as the task; note this might require the Pro version of FolderSync for Tasker support). But Tasker has also means to detect whether a file/directory has been modified. This is what you can use to trigger your "instant photo upload", by watching your DCIM folder(s) and trigger the corresponding "folder pair" to be sync'd.

I know you prefered "without an app", but I don't know about such an alternative. However, one of the 3 apps involved you're using already, and once you've got used to Tasker you will ask yourself how you could do without. True, it's "payware", but worth every cent. For testing purposes, a 7-day-trial can be obtained on their project site; export all your config from within the app on day 6, uninstall, re-install, and import it again gives you another 7 days (recommendation by the dev himself). FolderSync requires 3 bucks as well; but it supports so many services, and has Tasker integration, I'd say it's worth the investment. So altogether ~7 bucks for a good solution, and other uses reserved.

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  • This is such an elaborate clear-cut concise answer. I will most probably purchase FolderSync and Tasker as per your suggestion. Many thanks for the great effort Izzy! – Ugo Dec 5 '13 at 2:32
  • Glad you like it! That's how my backup strategy works :) Besides: Tasker will take you some time to really get used to (but you'll never regret having spent it). In case you get stuck, remember we have a tasker tag (wiki) as well ;) – Izzy Dec 5 '13 at 6:56

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