My HTC Desire SV isn't listed as a supported device for CyanogenMod. How can I get CyanogenMod to work on it?

I'm very new to this. So, I could use some help.


Sad to say, CyanogenMod is not working on this model and will not work in the future too.

You could find enough help from communities like xda-developers. One link that might help is: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2293155

There are some custom-rom developed by members of xda.

Never ever ever ever forget to backup your stock ROM.

There can be a lot of bugs in these customROM. Common issues found for desire aka MAGNI are screen flickering, wifi problem, sd-card not being detected etc.

I would suggest you to first root your mobile and try installing safeStrap bootloader as your first babysteps before taking a leap into installing the customROM. XDA is the only place where you could get this done.

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