I have a stock (non-rooted) Moto X that 'upgraded' itself to Kitkat recently. Is it possible for me to go back to Jelly Bean?

(Deliberately leaving out the reasons since that's not the point of the question.)


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The full guide can be found here but i've included the steps below in case that page is not available.

NOTE: All of your personal information, data, accounts and so on will be deleted so make sure you have a backup

On your computer Android SDK must be installed: learn how to install Android SDK on Windows, or learn how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.

Also, on the same computer the Moto X drivers must be installed.

  1. Download the RSDLite app from here.
  2. Save the file on your computer.
  3. Also, install the program.
  4. Get the Moto X stock Android OS from this page.
  5. On your computer, unzip the downloaded update file.
  6. Then, from the folder that will be created right click on the file with .XML extension.
  7. Select “open with” followed by “notepad” or any other XML editor from your computer.
  8. Find the following string and delete it: “step operation=”getvar” var=”max-download-size”.
  9. Save and close the notepad window.
  10. Open the RSDLite program on your computer.
  11. Take your Moto X and connect your phone with the PC via USB cord.
  12. On your PC now open a command prompt window (start -> run -> cmd).
  13. On the cmd window type: adb reboot bootloader.
  14. Your phone will be rebooted in fastboot mode.
  15. From RDSLite, click on the three-dot browse file button and select the .XML file.
  16. Up next, click on “start”.
  17. Wait while the process is running on don’t press anything else.
  18. When the firmware is successfully installed you will be able to unplug the USB cord.
  19. Good; now reboot your smartphone.

The first Android version of the Moto X was Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. As a consequence you can downgrade your Moto X until Android 4.2.2 only, not Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.x).

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