I have recently bought a Samsung galaxy s3 mini and there is no haptic feedback on my soft buttons or typing a message, there is only a vibration key press on my lock screen. I have tryed going into settings, language and input, keyboard setting but there is no vibration on key press option in any of the settings I have looked through. Can someone help me please?


whn u want to type,there's the choose option input method that comes on the crossbar..click it then click setup input method then click the setting on Samsung keypad then scroll down to advanced option..click it then disable key tap sound..that easy


Haptic feedback is still there. Go to Settings > My Device > Sound and it should be around the bottom of the options. It is labled

Your keyboard should have its own option, but it depends on the particular keyboard.

Samsung Keyboard: Click on the 'cog' icon beside the space bar. Click 'Vibration'.

SwiftKey: Settings > Sound & Vibration > Keypress Vibration.

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