I can't find a proper tool to unpack boot.img from GravityMod2.

both unmkbootimg and split_bootimg.pl are able to extract same fileset (kernel, 4280320 bytes and ramdisk, 633284 bytes). I think the files are damaged (taken from wrong offsets?) - can't even find gzip/cpio signatures in ramdisk image!

Is there another specific tool to unpack Android 4.2.x boot.img, or MTK-specific tool maybe?


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You can find proper tools to unpack boot, recovery, system and data images here: mtk-tools

Thread of the author on xda developers, thank him :)


./unpack-MT65xx.pl boot.img
./repack-MT65xx.pl -boot <kernel> <ramdisk-directory> boot.img

I also had problem extracting initramfs.cpio.gz , until I opened this file in editor and seen first 3 ascii letters (the header) in my case it was "LZO" , so I found proper soft to decompress "lzop -x " you can find it probably in every linux, for example knoppix has it

maybe you will notice other header in your file , so you will need to google it or have a good guess

good luck

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