I cope with a problem which more android users have to deal with. The well known android.process.acore fc or something similar. The constantly appearing fc notifications would be caused by your crashing contact list. However i cannot find a solution for this anywhere while many users have this problem. It is really annoying when you have to open whatsapp 3 times because the whole system freezes.. Isn't there a way to hide those notifications? I'm really getting sick of it.. Any help would be appreciated, if there's already a similar post, i would be thankful if you could refer me to it. Thans in advance!

I've installed Android 4.1.2, Galaxy S Advance

Edit: I've tried the options they give in force close wiki but reboot and reset obviously wouldn't help, and deleting contacts isn't the solution. When i really can't use those fc's at a moment i just temporalily freeze my contactlist but it is such a hassle to do everytime. i also tried to avoid the fc, but logcat is turned off and it doesn't help.

  • You can find some "first-aid" on our force-close tag-wiki. Its most frequented questions might also prove helpful. Having checked those, please come back, edit your question, and add what you've tried and where you're stuck – or answer your own question if you were able to solve the issue. Welcome to the Android Enthusiasts, by the way :) – Izzy Dec 12 '13 at 21:52

Do you have your contacts backed up?

Try uninstalling Facebook if that is installed. If this does not fix your problem then try the following.

Settings>Applications>System Applications>Contacts Sync Adapter and press Clear Data, this error usually goes away. If this doesn't work, try clearing the data on Settings>Applications>System Applications>Contacts or Settings>Applications>System Applications>Contacts Storage.

  • well thanks for the answer, but i can't follow the path you suggest.When in settings>Applications i can only choose Downloaded,SD,and ALL. I chose All which includes system apps, but i can't find something similar with Contacts, Sync adapter or Contacts Storage. I can find Contacts storag in titanium backu, but this doesn't give the option to clear contacts sync adapter. – Bart Dec 13 '13 at 11:29

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