Often, during updates/downloads or backup operations I would like to temporarily disable the screen time ( found under the 'menu - settings - Display - Screen timeout' ) without having to navigate to the above menu setting .

Anybody knows of a good widget which does just that : either disable the screen time ( by just clicking the widget ) , or by setting it to a high value / back to short value ( also by just clicking the widget ).

Or is there any other easy way I have missed ?

I am running Froyo on Samsung Galaxy S.

  • You can use a Developer setting to keep the screen always on when charging. Menu | Settings | Manage applications | Development Not ideal, perhaps, but maybe sufficient for your needs. – ale Feb 14 '11 at 14:10

If you are using a profile application to set your volumes in different situations, I guest most of them have the option of changing your screen timeout as well. In my case I'm using Setting Profiles and I can add a new profile that does exactly that in two key press.

In Setting Profiles, there is a widget to set profiles and you can even select a timer with the profiles you set, for instance, to enable the profile "no screen timeout" for the next 5 minutes.

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Tasker is a great app for this. It can change the screen timeout value to whatever you need depending on a phone state (there are several from phone orientation to a specific app being active). For instance, I have it set to change the screen timeout value to 23 hours when it is in Navigation mode. You can also define this task in Tasker and create a widget for it.

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