Is there any setting in the gmail app to show images automatically when you open an email instead of pressing on the little links?

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Currently Gmail Released new App 4.7.2 with Auto Show Image feature By storing all images in specific server(Correct me if wrong).

See here

Link to Apk file

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As for latest version 4.7.1 (946962), there is no way to show images automatically for all messages. But for version 4.7.2 (967015) it is possible. See my other answer to this question for more details.

In version 4.7.1 (946962) it works as follows:

  1. By default when you receive a message, it doesn't show pictures and it displays a button to allow pictures for this message.
  2. If you click this button, all pictures will be displayed for this message, and there will be a button asking if you want to show pictures for all messages from the same sender.
  3. If you click this button, the sender will be added to picture approvals list.

Default behavior showing pictures for this message trusted sender

You can clear such list from Settings menu, as indicated in the following screenshots. This way all messages will return to default layout (don't show pictures).

menu > settings tap General settings clear picture approval list

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Good news for you: Google is currently rolling out Gmail 4.7.2 (967015), which allows to show inline images without using the steps described in my previous answer. Here is what you'll have to do:

  1. Download Gmail app update. You can either wait to be rolled out to your device or download it from this page (because in this case it will be an app sideload, you'll have to make sure you enabled installation from Unknown Sources before).

    Default behavior

  2. When installed, by default it will behave as previous version, i.e. showing the Show pictures / Always show pictures from this sender links, so you'll have to configure this to not happen (don't worry: this is done only once). Tap the overflow menu on Gmail action bar (not the message one) and select Settings. Then, in Settings screen tap your account.

    Go to menu Settings Tap your account

  3. In your account, scroll down to Data usage section and tap Images. By default it will be selected Ask before showing, so you'll have to select Always show.

    Tap "Images" Tap "Always show"

  4. Go back repeatedly until you get to your inbox. From now on, when you open a message, you'll be able to see inline images without confirmation.


Notice: This Images setting (Always show) will override the picture approvals state, so if you Clear picture approvals as shown in my previous answer, you'll still see inline images in all messages, until you change the images setting back to Ask before showing.

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