I bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 a while ago, this phone was imported by an independent store and not any of the local cellular carriers.

And my phone is not getting firmware updates, I suspect the carrier is not releasing the updates but I can't check it because I don't even know what carrier my phone is set to.

How can I tell what carrier my phone "belongs to"?

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Galaxy S3 I9300 is international version.
enter image description here

Look at the S3 variants.
S3 belongs to specific carrier has specific model numbers according to Country and Carrier.
Are you sure about it was an unlocked version??

  • I'm not sure about anything, both the Settings->Device Info screen and the sticker behind the battery say "GT-I9300", I didn't buy it from a cellular carrier or the official Samsung distributor so I assume it's a "gray market" unit. it got a firmware update once, my wife has the same model (bought from the same store but at a different time from a different shipment) and got 3 updates in the same time
    – Nir
    Dec 24, 2013 at 10:06

If you're adventurous and know your way around Odin (Samsung's firmware flashing tool), you can go here to get the correct regional firmware for your S3. You can also download Odin from the same site and use it to manually flash your device with a new firmware. Doing it this way, the firmware you installed will be the "Vanilla / bare-bone" release from Samsung that does not have all the crap if you installed using a carrier's custom Android firmware.

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