I would like to get rid of one of my Google accounts since I don't use it anymore. Currently I have both my Google accounts (gmail, Google+..) on my phone (Galaxy S4, had to link/transfer data from my old phone to my new) and all pictures and information and such gets saved to the old account I don't want to use anymore.

But I still have some important emails on the old account as well as some contacts and such which I would like to keep. Can these be transferred to my other Google account which I wanna keep and have as my primary?

What do I have to do in order to get rid of this old account I don't longer need without losing the data (pictures, some emails, contacts) which are currently under that primary gmail/G+ account which I don't want anymore?

Otherwise, is there an option to say "lock/disable" that old account so nothing gets send or saved to it anymore?

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Important: Sync your old Google account data between your phone and Google before starting with the following instructions.

You should log in to your old Google account, and then go to Google Takeout, where there are tools to export your account information to an archive (and even you'll be able to transfer all your Google+ circles to your new account).

Google Takeout

To move contacts and other info from the old account to the new one, follow the instructions from this article.

Also you can go to Data tools settings page, where you'll find how to delete your old account, in the section Account management. Good luck.

Data tools

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