When I do my math exercises, I need to view the book and the exercises at the same time. Sometime I need to open a third PDF, but it's more optional. How can I do so with Android? On iPad I use the application Side by Side, which allows to read up to 4 different PDFs side by side.

I use Nexus 7 with Android 4.4.2.

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Try using floating apps. Multi window feature is only available on a few android devices like samsung Note, etc.

Floating apps will provide similar functionality. Try this:



You may also look here: How do I run two programs at once in split-screen?

Tested on a Samsung Note 10.1 (SM-P605) with Android 4.3 i found some apps which are supporting multi window, e.g:

  • My Files (*)
  • stock Video Player
  • MX Player
  • stock email app
  • Gmail
  • stock Webbrowser (*)
  • Chrome
  • Gallery
  • Contacts
  • Phone
  • Google maps
  • Polaris Office 5
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Watch now
  • Chat on (*)
  • Google Play Store

But there are really very few apps capable to run with multiple instances (from the above list only those which are marked with (*)). So, you can for example open My Files twice (left & right of upper & lower half screen):

Screenshot My Files side by side

Unfortunally, Polaris Office 5 (pdf viewer) isn't capable to run twice. So if you want to view 2 pdf docs side by side, it seems that you have to install a 2nd pdf viewer app and e.g. open Polaris Office 5 on the left and the other pdf viewer on the right side of the screen. A short look to Google Play Store for pdf viewers that support multi window:

At the following screenshot I had opened Ivan Ivanenko's PDF Reader & Ebooka PDF Viewer side by side:

Screenshot 2 pdf side by side

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