I have an app (Pleco) which has created a shortcut (study flashcards). I want to execute that shortcut from the screenlocker (Go Locker), but it only allows to add either installed apps or widgets.

My idea to solve this issue was to create an app from the shortcut. I tried with Tasker and its AutoShortcut plugin as it is suggested here, but the built app simply does not work.

Is it a correct procedure to solve this issue? Another possibily would be to add the shortcut to a widget, but how?

  • From the page you linked: It seems you can use Tasker to launch activities too as long as you have the Tasker Plugin AutoShortcut installed and you are using a launcher that allows you to access the "Activities" list from it's shortcut screen (like Nova or Apex). Which launcher are you using? – Francisco Alvarado Dec 27 '13 at 4:46
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    @FranciscoAlvarado, Tasker launches the app correctly from inside, but if I export it as app (to add it to the list of installed apps), the exported app doesn't work. If I install Nova or Apex, it should be executable from Nova or Apex, but not from the screenlocker (Go Locker) – chelder Dec 27 '13 at 15:54

This simple app creates "false apps". We can assign a shortcut to a "false app". If we click on the "false app", the shortcut will be executed: Shortcut Launcher in Google Play app store

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