I have my mobile added already, but I bought my kids a tablet each and I can't find a way to add them to the Google Play Store account so I can download games onto the tablets. Thanks.

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If I understand correctly, you want all devices under one account. All tablets and devices must be under one Google account. So whatever e-mail you use personally on your mobile, use that same e-mail/Google account for your kids' device.

Example: If your e-mail, let's say, for example is [email protected], all devices must be connected to that Google e-mail account. So use the e-mail you use Google with, for your kids too.

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    Further to the answer, create a restricted profile in your tablets (standard feature from android 4.2) for the kids with your account as admin. This will help you to prevent in-app purchases being made by your kids accidentally.
    – k1chy
    Commented Dec 28, 2013 at 3:20

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