When I purchase an item from Google Play, I get the following message;

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This message seems to indicate that I can somehow get a refund for my purchase by performing an action on my device within a specified time frame.

What exactly is this message implying I have to do in order to get a refund? How do I refund a purchase made through Google Play?

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If you open the Play Store on your Android device and go to that app's page within the refund period, a refund option is available to tap. I'm not certain if this is available in the web version of the Play Store (It isn't, as far as I can tell).

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All of the details on refund/cancellations are here on the Google Play support site:

You can do the following:

  • Within 15 minutes, open the google play app and click refund
  • Wait 2 hours and don't download the app. It will auto-cancel
  • After 15 minutes, sign into google wallet, select the transaction and contact the seller. They have the option to refund or not at the sellers discretion.

If it has been more than fifteen minutes of purchase, you cannot refund an app via an Android device. [Well, you can but via the desktop version in a browser.]

Go to the Google Play Store, click the gear [settings] icon and select "My Orders" You have the option of then requesting for a refund, even if the app was bought a year ago [I've tried].

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