First of all:
Phone's model is Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini / 6012X
Chipset model is MT6572

The short version:

The device is in boot loop and to resolve this I must rename a file. The problem is that the file is in /system and I haven't granted ADB superuser permissions (So ADB simply hangs on "su", even when running scripts through ADB. Also "at" is not installed). Another problem is that I haven't installed a custom recovery and, more importantly, I haven't even unlocked the boot loader.

I can't manage to install custom images via SP Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool doesn't find the device although the VCOM USB drivers are installed).

What's worse than this? Alcatel doesn't provide a way to reflash the stock ROM.

So, my question:
Is there some kind of magic to force "su" to execute through adb without adb being granted permission by SuperSU?

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    I doubt that. That would render the entire security system useless if it were possible. – Izzy Dec 29 '13 at 18:21

According to this thread, your device is rootable using framaroot.

As you only need a temproot, the first thing to try would be to:

  • extract the temproot binary used by framaroot and push it to /data/local/tmp or any folder where you can set permissions

  • flag this file as executable then run it

    $ chmod 777 filename
    $ ./filename
  • if successful, you have temp root and can remount the system read/write

    # mount -o remount,rw /system /system
  • I'll mark your answer as correct (although I've managed to "update" the phone via the officially provided tool - thank god it doesn't check versions prior to updating) – Ianis Vasilev Jan 7 '14 at 8:35

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