Based on this question and this question and this issue, it sounds like Android basically doesn't have undo/redo functionality. (I guess? Correct me if I've misunderstood or if the situation has changed.)

My goal is to use a Galaxy Note 3 with an external keyboard to work on long-form writing projects.

I'd like to have undo/redo functionality.

Is there some way to "bolt it on?"

Like maybe is there a text editor that has undo/redo as a feature, or some app that lets you add it, or a trick you can do an automation utility or something?

(It doesn't actually have to be ctrl-Z. Any reasonably convenient keypress would be fine.)

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    If the Android OS system doesn't allow to undo actions (other than some special Toasts allow e.g. in Gmail when you delete a message), you can't expect that just by connecting an external keyboard will circumvent this. – Francisco Alvarado Jan 2 '14 at 22:09

For anyone who comes across this via a search I found these options...

  • Polaris Office's word processing program implements undo that works via control-Z on my Galaxy Note 3 using a Bluetooth keyboard.

  • The JotterPad X text editor implements undo and redo that works fine via on-screen controls.

    The JotterPad X app description on the Google Play store claims specifically...

    Compatible with physical and Bluetooth keyboard including shortcut keys (E.g. ctrl + Z for undo)

    On my system, JotterPad X's undo didn't work with a Bluetooth keyboard, but maybe it will work on your system or with a different model keyboard.

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