I like using many tabs when browsing. It's a bit annoying to click links and open it as a tab on firefox. It's annoying to close and switch between them too (Next tab so I can read VS pull a list and click the next one).

What browser is good for tabs? I tried firefox and the default web browser. I tried looking up android firefox for gestures or some way to handle tabs better but it looks like I can't open tabs easily on it

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Yes, Firefox wastes too much space (especially when showing open tabs), maybe they fix that someday. In the meantime, have you tried with Chrome for Android? It has new gestures to switch between tabs:

In Chrome for Android, you’ll be able to:

  • Swipe horizontally across the top toolbar to quickly switch tabs.
  • Drag vertically down from the toolbar to enter into the tab switcher view.
  • Drag down from the menu to open the menu and select the item you want without having to lift your finger.

Gestures in Chrome for Android

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