When you open any video, default HTML5 player is used.

What I want is to make Google Chrome to use custom video player whenever it wants to playback a video

Longer story My real goal is to stream video content from Android to AppleTV via AirPlay. I found a nice app called streambels which is capable of doing that.

The only problem is when I am trying to watch video on Google Chrome, I can't stream it so if I could change the default video player would allow me to pass the video to broadcasting app. And life would be so great :)


Use Dolphin Browser. I think what you are asking is impossible for now on Chrome.

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    Have you used this app and made certain that this will solve OP's question? If not, then please post a brief description of this app to show why OP should use it for the relevant purpose.
    – Firelord
    May 15 '15 at 12:48

I use the BUBBLEUPNP application.

Once I click on the link, Chrome asks me what to do; Chrome or upnp app. I choose the upnp app. Once the UpnpApp is open it asks me what video player to use.

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