I have a android mobile with version 4.1 Installed. for my practices I am thinking that it would be nice if I have a database in that.

If it is MySQL I would love that. could somebody tell me how can I install MySQL in android ?

Thank you.


Android comes with SQLite. That should be adequate for most applications.

  • can u setup replication to an online mysql server when the device gets internet connection it copies the whole local SQLite db to an online mysql db? – indago May 11 '14 at 5:36

There are some packages on Google Play you might wish to check:

As the names suggest, all these are web servers bundled with MySQL and some scripting support (PHP). A search for mysql might reveal additional candidates.

  • Bit Web Server, Ulti Servers, and ksweb is not free
  • Palapa Web Server is free but I can not connect to their Mysql Server on Android x86 CPU.

Well, there is a Free and very lite Mysql Server for Android that support all cpus (armv6, armv7, armv8/aarch64, and x86).


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