I have a Carbonn Phone (model: A18+)


Android Version is 4.2.2

Under Settings -> Storage -> 'Preferred install location' and it has three options for it:

  1. Internal device storage

  2. Phone storage

  3. Let the system decide

there is no option for "External storage device"

but below Preferred install location there is another option: Settings -> Storage -> "Default Write Disk" and it has two options:

  1. Phone storage

  2. SD Card

I have "SD Card" selected here

But I don't have choice to choose SD Card or External storage to install apps and when I install any app from 'play store' that goes to either to phone or to internal storage. Even after going to the Settings -> Apps ->

I only see 4 tabs

Downloaded | Phone Storage | Running | All

there is no 'SD Card' or 'USB Storage' tab and when i tap any app here it only shows "Move to Phone storage" or "Move to Internal Storage" on 'App Info' Screen.

My question is How can I move or install apps to External SD Card. I have tried many apps like APP2SD or similar ones. But no app gives me to move apps to SD Card. Even I have tried rooting my phone, that also doesn't work.



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