I'm creating a computer system for telemarketing. I'm using adb commands to dial numbers Link Is it possible to get last dialled number and call duration via adb? If it is, how?


Maybe you just need to pull


as it contains all the call logs, and then filter through?

Something like:

cp data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/telephony.db /sdcard/MyTelephoneDatabase.db
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    ...will try it tomorrow and confirm if it works or not PS this is sqlite database? – Lord_JABA Jan 14 '14 at 17:43
  • Yes - This is a sqlite database :) – Zlatty Jan 14 '14 at 18:51

I thought I answered it long time ago. You do it like that

c:\adb\adb.exe shell sqlite3 /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db "SELECT * FROM calls order by _id desc limit 1;"

But it may be different in different android versions. As far as I remember worked on KitKat

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