I got a notification which was shown in my notification bar on my Google Nexus 5. As soon as I clicked on the notification an app opened and the notification has been removed from my toolbar. With the trick described here I am able to see that passed notification but I cannot open it (see screenshot).

Is there a way to open that notification again so that the app leads me again to the content belonging to it?

Screenshot (click for larger image)


Assuming I'm understanding your question correctly, you want a "pinned" notification, meaning a notification that stays in the notification bar after you tap it and open the app in question.

If I am correct, you might want to look into apps that let you create your own notifications, like the app Custom Notification.

This could clutter your app drawer a little bit though; I know referencing Tasker without a specific task is poor form, but you might check into the Tasker subreddit, and tell them exactly what you are looking for. Someone might be able to recommend a profile that pins a notification to the status bar until you are done with it.


Building on Redjax's answer: In Tasker, you can create a Task -> Action -> Alert -> Notify that is triggered by the notification. Just check the permanent box, and add an action that opens up the application in question.

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