I upgraded my Galaxy Notes 2 from CyanogenMod 10.1 to 10.2 (= android 4.3). Unfortunately the camera has continous problems - I end up twice a week or so with a cannot connect to camera popup when trying to shoot a picture.

Many people seem to have this issue. A similar question some time ago did not get any answers. I even found a somewhow-working-workaround in the form of a permission-setting app (I cannot find the source anymore but will look around if someone is interested).

All this make the camera app more or less unusable.

  • does anyone know about a working solution?
  • would there be a way to install the previous version (which worked without any problems), without downgrading to 4.2.x, obviously.

In my case was just an app. "Lantern" - flashlight using LED. After uninstalling that app the camera was OK again.

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