I'm pondering deploying a fleet of nexus 7 tablets, but I'm running into a few hiccups on managing the fleet.

I would like to do the following:

  • Use multiple restricted accounts on each tablet
  • Allow access to the browser
  • Block google play store (easy enough with restricted accounts)
  • Allow each account access to individual gmail/hangouts for communication (not an option with restricted accounts - as it appears it is blocked and uses the primary user's info)

Is there any work around to allow restricted accounts to access gmail/hangouts?


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The main difference between a "user profile" and a "restricted profile" is that a restricted profile doesn't have its own Google account, which is needed for Gmail and Google+ Hangouts. A restricted profile with a Google account in it is just a normal user account.

If you want to restrict access to features in a normal user profile, you need to use software to impose a security policy. This will also allow you to remotely/centrally manage each device.

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