After some time (may be it's related to the update to 4.4.x) my custom call ringtone (a .flac file) started to stutter permanently and always.

I can hear it even while choosing it in a system settings. But playing the file with another player works fine.

What can be the problem?

Model: Nexus 4
Version: 4.4.2

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There is a bug in Android 4.4 which causes flac files to pop and stutter.

AndroidPolice has an article on it, there is a fix that has been committed (but not released) according to this bug report. It should be fixed in the next release (although when that'll be is anyone's guess)

Since the problem exists in Android's native flac codec, which is used by most of the music players available, finding an alternative app with its own custom implementation will easily solve the issue.

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