I recently bought a QI compatible charger for my Nexus 5. On the box it states, that the "wireless charges up to 500 times".

  • I don't understand why the charger is only able to charge my phone 500 times.

  • What happens to the charger so that it does not work anymore? Can someone explain that?

Thanks for you help.

It is exactly this device: QI charger from ravpower

Edit 2: Looking at the website of the maker, it seems that they sell a mobile power bank as well. Perhaps they use the same packaging for the mobile power bank wireless charger and the wireless charger without battery.

Edit 3: I found the packaging on the internet.

Picture of the box

  • This may be describing the battery, not the charger. 500 charge/discharge cycles is a pretty normal spec for a cell phone battery. Do you think you could edit your question with the exact wording printed on the packaging? (I'm curious about what it says) – dotVezz Jan 29 '14 at 14:38
  • 1
    I would imagine it is the battery. Wireless charging is pretty brutal on some mobile batteries. I'd tend to stick with the 'wired' kind. Mind you both hav a wire, but the one you plug in to the wall and the phone, not the one you plug into the wall and rest the phone on! (Wireless charging is a silly name IMHO) – RossC Jan 29 '14 at 14:55

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