I'm using Chrome 32 on an Android tablet (not phone) and just can't figure out how to close all open tabs in one go.


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  1. Click on Tabs icon in upper right corner
  2. Go to options
  3. Click on close all tabs

screen shot

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    Unfortunately your answer does not work on tablets. There is no such menu option visible in Chrome 32 on an Android tablet. Jan 30, 2014 at 20:07

According to this Google Support page, you can't.

You have to close tabs individually, at least on a tablet.


I went to Android's settings, then to apps, then to Chrome, and cleared the data and the cache. When I reopened Chrome, the tabs were all closed. This was done on a Asus Memo 7 tablet. I know it's combersome, but it beats manually closing 100+ tabs.

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