I've been enjoying cyanogenmod a lot, but the auto-updates don't work, since I encrypted the phone. I'd like to have both, if possible, even if there's a bit of work involved.

Is there any fix / third-party tool that can auto-update an encrypted cyanogenmod installation?


Auto updates are not available yet, but you can update your phone with this recipe: https://www.bfccomputing.com/updating-cyanogenmod-11-kitkat-milestones-on-encrypted-devices/

Worked smoothly for me between CM 11 versions on a Galaxy Note 2 (t0lte).


I think if you set up an additional unencrypted partition, or add an unencrypted sdcard (if your device has a slot - not my Nexus 7) and mount it up and copy over the update file before flashing, it will work.

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