i have a rooted lg g2 vs980 and it accidentally installed a software update and now i get some kind of security boot error, it flashes to fast for me to read exactly what it says, but after the lg logo it only goes to black screen. I think it is bricked. I have tried hard reset but this does not work i also cannot enter recovery or download mode.


It isn't bricked totally.

Security Error occurs when you have stock, locked bootloader and modified core Android system files and/or recovery/x-boot/u-boot partitions.

Locked bootloader checks for signatures of some files and these partitions. The best approach would be to take LG Flash Tool, get original KDZ for your LG, extract recovery.img, u-boot.img, x-boot.img and boot.img partitions and flash them with fastboot.

Try experimenting with VOL-UP/DOWN keys to get to fastboot.

You will probably want to use this command: fastboot flash <partition> <file>

You need:

  1. LG Flash Tool and KDZ extractor
  2. KDZ file for your model (search XDA-dev for it)

Good luck!

  • i will try that thank you so so so so so much
    – haeli
    Feb 1 '14 at 12:22

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