I made the mistake of buying a cheap Chinese phone on Ebay to use on Three or Orange in the UK, a 4" Malata I60 Android 4.1 Dual Core MT6577 1GHz. It's okay for what little I need, except the internal storage shows as a total of 179MB.

I've moved whatever apps I can to my 30GB SD card and using App Cache Cleaner, but I am still only left with 36.8MB of free space.

This is causing warnings whenever updates are found and even causing updates to fail for lack of space if I am actively using the phone.

Does anyone know where I could find reliable step-by-step guides to rooting Android 4.1 and using the SD card for internal storage?

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Thanks for the info, will check it out.

Meanwhile I've managed to root it and move most of the apps to the SD card giving me a little more space even though Link2SD doesn't recognize the 2GB partition no matter what format it's in.

The phone is at least usable now :)

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