I broke my Coby Kyros' screen and now I want to make an emulator console out of it. The problem is my model did not have an HDMI out.

I noticed that there is a ribbon cable connecting the tablet screen to the rest of the tablet. So I need a way to connect my tablet's ribbon cable to a television.

Is there any way to convert that ribbon cable slot to a VGA/HDMI/RCA port? Or is there some sort of ribbon cable to VGA/HDMI/RCA cable?


I think its possible, but you'll need to read the datasheets and the pinouts for the ribbon cable and the VGA that is if you want to make it yourself.. Otherwise, I think you can purchase a ready made one from the shops e.g. eBay.

Here are a couple of links that might help: http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?p=1888439


Then you can purchase a VGA to HDMI convertor cable.

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