I try to use create root package that run adbd service automatically,so:

  1. I download root package for gti9300 from autoroot.chainfire.eu

  2. I extract package multiple times to get recovery.img and cache.img

  3. Unpack it

  4. So I opened and edited default.prop like this:




  5. Pack recovery ...

  6. Going mobile to download mode

  7. Upload it with odin

It roots completely OK but it's not running adb service.

How can I root and run adb server at the same time? (I want avoid going to download mode one time)

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use adbd insecure app then enable it (also at boot). give it root permissions using superuser pro v1.0 and reboot your phone. I did it to gain default shell as root on my phone samsung galaxy star duos.

  • tanx for try to help me but i know about apps like insecure adbd or i can run adbd insecure using shell or ... i just want create a root pack (recovery.img) for rooting and running adbd service ;) and i want to create something like root packs in autoroot.chainfire.eu with only some changes like running adbd.. Feb 12, 2014 at 22:27

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