I am looking for an e-mail client for my Android. The problem is -- the only email clients I can find are designed with the "syncing" mentality that is all the rage on mobile platforms. I would like an e-mail client that thinks the way my Thunderbird thinks on my desktop.

What are the specific things I must have? For one thing --- I want the option to be able to set things so that when I download a message to my e-mail program, they are right there-and-then deleted from the server --- as opposed to them sitting on my server until I delete them from the local device. That used to be an option in the pre-mobile ear -- these days we're being stripped of that very-useful option.

Also - for organizing my e-mails, I don't want the very-limited category format that is provided by the e-mail host. I want to be able to have folders (and even sub-folders) - just like I used to --- and to be able to custom-program filters that would automatically determine what folder an e-mail goes into when I download it.

I want the option to set it so that E-mail will immediately delete from the server the moment I download it --- and then the one copy will remain on my e-mail client until I remove it ---- and I want to be able to export messages to files (either individual e-mails or several at a time) before I delete them --- so that I can save long-term copies elsewhere.

Once upon a time, in the desktop era, none of this was too much to ask for --- but these days when I search for an e-mail client for my Android, it's like I'm asking for private ownership of the moon!

So my question is --- is there any e-mail client available for the Android that can do what once was no problem at all?


You're probably looking for K-9 Mail, which is a traditional mail client in the spirit of mutt (but with less vi).

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  • Not even close!!! There is no option to have messages delete from the server at the time I download. I have no option to create folders - let alone filters to determine which folder an email automatically goes to. I mentioned very clearly what features I need --- and from what I can tell, K9 doesn't support a single one of them!! – user3080003 Feb 8 '14 at 22:35
  • @user3080003 If all you can do is bite people's heads off I don't expect you'll get a better answer. – Dan Hulme Feb 8 '14 at 23:04
  • I'm sorry if you don't like my feedback on your answer --- but I did specify what I was looking for - and you did point me to an e-mail client that meets none of the criteria I mentioned. I know what I said may sound harsh -- and maybe I could learn to be a bit more gentle in the way I point such things out - but my over-bluntness is not malicious - and the content of my response was 100% fair. If no mail client exists that meets my criteria, an "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid no such thing is available" would be preferable to pointing me to a client that meets none of the criteria. – user3080003 Feb 8 '14 at 23:44

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