I bought a Sony Xperia SP phone 3 days ago. Nice, fast, everything is seems to be all right, except for 2 things:

Last night, I killed all the tasks, set the stamina mode, and charged it to 100%. I went to sleep at 23:00, my alarm woke me up at 7:30 (GMT+1 where I am).

I checked my phone, and WTF? Battery is on 86%. No wifi, nfc, gps, bluetooth, anything was turned on, and as I mentioned, it was in stamina mode.

I checked the task list, and there were a lot of tasks, that I did not start, I don't touch my phone while I sleep (obviously).

I made a check again today. Killed all of the tasks except:

  • Advanced
  • Task Manager
  • Lookout
  • Clean Master
  • Messenger / Facebook. (I do not know why I did not kill this, because I am using stamina mode, but never mind).

After I killed all of the tasks except those mentioned above, went to home screen, back to task manager, and guess what:

Now running

  • YouTube
  • Google Play Newsstand (hungarian lang)
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Google Play services
  • Chrome
  • Google search
  • FourSquare
  • McAfee Security
  • Intelligent Link
  • HRS Hotels


Why is it happening? (Who the fffffff asked to start HRS Hotels for example?) Ok, if Google search has reloaded itself, I say, ok, or some Google apps, but the others?

How can I stop these apps starting automatically?

The problem is, I check what uses the most of the battery power, and it says: Google Services 22%, Map, 19%.

I checked Google services and here are the list of packages (I tried to translate from Hungarian):

  • Account manager
  • Google Play framework
  • Google Play services
  • Network location
  • Bookmark synch
  • Google contact sync

Ok, I did enable these services, but this whole thing is strange for me. Please help me to improve to use my battery for longer use.



Android is not designed to let you control what is running and what not. A badly developed app can drain your power overnight.

In such a case a reboot can improve the situation for a while.

However if you encounter pre-installed apps running you never want to use you can disable them under Settings -> Apps.

Afterwards they can not be started anymore, neither manually by the user nor automatically.

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  • Ok, i realized, all the google synch was enabled, i turned off a lot of them. And download a good app manager (yes, i could uninstall them by manually through settings), and removed unwanted applications. I will check tomorrow morning, what is the difference. What i realized, google stops starting a lot of services, but facebook and messanger always start. Hate that. I know whenever i want to use that. – vaso123 Feb 10 '14 at 12:41
  • OK. Now the removed apps improved my battery lifetime, and after that today morning, now i checked what was the most used process. It was google map. Now (i understood your answer), how can i tilt to start this process when i do not want to run it? Why is it turned on? I turned off all synch except google contact. If i can solve this issue, i will be happy! – vaso123 Feb 12 '14 at 10:40
  • @lolka_bolka Check out greenify on the play store since you are rooted, it may help. It's a great app, it hibernates applications until they are explicitly opened. – RossC Feb 15 '14 at 11:44

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