I have several phone A Xperia Pro a S4 mini duos (soon for sold) and a HTC desire Z.
I sometimes want to disable the speakers so the phone will only output the sound through the headset I plug on it, sometimes the physical detector does not work correctly or the headset is not supported.

What I want is a way to only output sound through the jack and only the jack.
Is there any mod ? trick ? modification of the android kernel ? an app ? that could do the trick ?

All my phones are rooted and unlocked flashing stuff is not an issue


On newer devices I use an app called SoundAbout, as the previously suggested app toggleheadset2 is not supported on newer devices.

  • I have done that it's working though it's not 100% reliable and sometime a bit confuse when receiving call with only a headset but still working. – Kiwy Aug 25 '17 at 9:36

Try something like toggleheadset2. It's an app that has sorted that sort of problem for a lot of people. Hope that does the trick.

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