I have a tablet AOC Breeze model MW0712 with Android 4.1.1.

I want to connect with USB modem dongle Huawei E303C in order to have internet connection, but with no success results.

I try with this link (in spanish, because I'm peruvian and the APN settings is for my ISP), but I can't save any APN settings as I explain here.

I try with this widget, but always give me a "No driver found" message.

Then I try with this tutorial (rooting the tablet) and supporting me with this one (in spanish) that I think is better explained (but in both tutorials doesn't says that you need the BusyBox app installed). But I could also not connect.

Finally I try with this APP, but the connection is very unstable.


I spent a long time trying to UMTS Manager and XDA forum script, but I realized that when the app was active, the script runs fine (the ping give a good request), then I thought the script needed more time to connect so I make a little modifications to the file "system/etc/ppp/peers/conf-chat" replacing all the "TIMEOUT 3" by "TIMEOUT 0". Then in the GScript Mod app I change in the inet-ON script the sleeps in the for statement (that was setting in 3) for sleep by 5.

When I make these little modifications the tablet connects and surf in the internet like a charm!

Please, sorry for my english and for answer my own question in this way but I think could be another guy with the same problem.

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