Ever since I bought my tablet, this has been the default action whenever I drag the home button up (this is a soft button: on screen). I do not want this functionality because I frequently drag it by accident whenever I play games. This will bring up Google Search and interrupt my game.


Screenshot Screenshot
When dragging homescreen, a half-circle with Google on top appears / Google Search brought up (click images for larger variants)

Again, how do I disable this behavior?

If it helps, I am using a Pipo U1 Pro tablet with the default OS (not rooted).


Try Google Now Swipe Disabler.

Google Now Swipe Disabler repurposes that annoying swipe up from the bottom of your phone. If you're tired of having to press back twice when your scroll gets taken over by Google Now, then have Google Now Swipe Disabler do nothing! If you like the new voice search, but it takes too long to swipe up and press the mic icon, then tell it to go straight to voice search! You can have super quick access to your camera, or maybe you're always needing to do complicated mental math, now your calculator is just a convenient swipe away!

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