According to manufacturer, my phone has:

  • ROM-4 GB
  • RAM-1 GB

But when I look in my phone, there is


Now is that .98+1.77 from those 4 GB (ROM memory) – or from where? And what is the difference between this phone storage (.98 gb) and internal memory (1.77gb)?


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In short here: When manufacturers speak of "ROM", they quite often use this term in a wrong way. The correct meaning of the term is Read-only memory, which is clearly not the case for those 4 GB. What they rather are is the all-over storage contained in the device: system (read-only) + internal + device storage. For details, please see the already mentioned tag wiki.

Manufacturers use the term ROM in a wrong way to show off with "big numbers", unfortunately – which causes a lot of confusion amongst customers.

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