i want to use software to monitor my network, the monitor process is consuming 20% CPU times, is it any impact to my device except battery life?

If a program constantly consume high CPU, will it create a lot of heat and ruin the device ?

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Constant battery use will generate more heat over a short period of time, yes. Ordinarily, this will not damage the device. However, heat can greatly impact the longevity of your battery. I would suggest shutting off the monitor when you don't need it; if you really need to constantly monitor the network, the task is probably better suited to a PC.


The 20% CPU consumption is probably because you are on a weaker CPU, eg, 528 Mhz processors , in this case, the CPU consumption is normal anyway and as a matter of fact, 20% is not a high number in this case at all.

In case you want to limit your CPU usage at all times, you can root your device, install a CPU scaling program , and under clock the device. Or you can set the CPU governor to "powersave" in addition to under clocking the CPU frequency if you want to sacrifice the performance for a longer battery life.

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