Is there any way to get a fully working bash shell on Android together with a terminal emulator, that supports a hardware keyboard (German Layout)?

The features I need at least (Terminal Apps, NOT graphical!):

  • Bash working with normal .bashrc and scripts (Function Definitions, Aliases...)
  • SSH-Client with hostname lookup and the ability to do some SCP stuff
  • GIT-Client with hostname lookup and at least push, pull, clone, commit, branch, checkout
  • less and nano or at least a vim, when it accepts my german keyboard.

Also would it be nice to have:

  • rsync client to do some rsync stuff
  • curl and ping
  • grep
  • some tar and or zip-stuff
  • clang-compliler, python interpreter, php interpreter

I already found Terminal IDE but it is unusable, because it doesn't support my german keyboard layout of the tablet's hardway keyboard. Also it doesn't support Hostname Lookups.

Also I found KBOX2 but it doesn't have a git-client and uses the zsh shell.

BTW: I am using Android >= 4.2

As a Terminal Emulator, Terminal Emulator looks good; But is made for Gingerbread.

Just found out, that Kbox2 uses Bash as Shell Interpreter, so I just need Git Packages for it to fulfill my wish.

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You may be in luck; I just finished building git for KBOX2. Once I test it and figure out how to run a staged install for redistribution purposes, I can upload it and post a link

EDIT: I've contacted the KBOX2 developer; if the client works hopefully he can package it for download/install to the KBOX2 system.

If you're feeling adventurous (or impatient), you can always build it in KBOX2 yourself; there's a couple of gcc packages available in the downloads section

  • great! Will this be a full featured git client?
    – Tobi
    Sep 3, 2014 at 22:15
  • It won't support https until I can build libcurl...and that won't happen until I can figure out how to generate a configure script without autoconf. It should do everything else...but since (for now) I only use git to clone repos, I can't say if it does everything. Sep 6, 2014 at 20:30
  • Well, i need clone, pull, push, checkout and commit - a usual it workflow...
    – Tobi
    Sep 7, 2014 at 2:06
  • 2
    FYI...the binaries are now available for download here: kevinboone.net/kbox2_downloads.html Sep 27, 2014 at 9:38
  • 1
    @dvhh: Try copying libcurl.so.5 to the /lib directory in KBOX Oct 22, 2014 at 16:23

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