I need it badly. I know Google voice is there, but it's not available in India.

Need any good client application (Google Talk / Jabber client) that supports voice calls to and from GTalk users.

Thanks @Matthew

  • Does it have to be gtalk to gtalk, or will any voice chat app do? Feb 28 '11 at 7:39
  • I've skype too. I use it for office purpose. But my friends remain online on GTalk so doesn't make sense using anything else.
    – IsmailS
    Feb 28 '11 at 9:00
  • 1
    Have you tried through the web browser? Feb 28 '11 at 14:18
  • As far as I know, you can't do voice chat through gtalk on Android
    – Bryan Denny
    Feb 28 '11 at 14:29
  • 2
    @Ismail You can try setting your user agent to Desktop to trick the website: android.stackexchange.com/questions/6233/… Mar 3 '11 at 13:31

Fring or Nimbuzz apps from the market place both allow you to do voice calls using gTalk.

  • Does it work with Froyo?
    – IsmailS
    Mar 1 '11 at 12:23
  • The descriptions of the apps say they work for all android versions so should be ok.
    – sickgemini
    Mar 1 '11 at 22:57
  • @Ismail They work with Froyo in general but sometimes they may not work on specific devices. Try them :) Mar 3 '11 at 13:33
  • They both worked on my HTC Magic so I imagine there shouldn't be any problems on the more modern devices.
    – sickgemini
    Mar 4 '11 at 0:59
  • Nimbuzz works on my device. :)
    – IsmailS
    May 3 '11 at 11:32

Google Talk Video/Voice support will be rolled out shortly on all Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices or on the Nexus S now (but as an OS update, not an app update, so you would find it in Settings, not in Market)

  • 1
    See this for more info from the official Google Mobile Blog googlemobile.blogspot.com/2011/04/…
    – GAThrawn
    May 3 '11 at 10:14
  • When you say all android 2.3 devices. Do you really mean all or do you mean at the discretion of the manufacturer and cellular provider. Because if so a lot of android 2.3 devices wont ever get it.
    – trampster
    May 3 '11 at 23:36
  • It might be at carrier discretion but you would get this faster than you would get 2.3 if you now had 2.2 (like me :( ) May 5 '11 at 17:42

Use Fring. It can connect to gtalk and enable you to talk to your gtalk buddies. But it mutes in Samsung galaxy 3.

  • can it connect to gtalk with voice? Feb 28 '11 at 13:53
  • @nathan What do you mean by that?
    – Akilan
    Mar 2 '11 at 10:15
  • 1
    the gtalk client on android can only do text chat, while the talk client in the gmail website can also do voice. Does Fring have the same limitation as the native android gtalk client, or can it also do voice like the gmail version? Mar 2 '11 at 14:28
  • Of course it can do voice. That is what the OP wanted to do. That is also what I meant when I said "[Fring]..enable you to talk to your gtalk buddies"
    – Akilan
    Mar 3 '11 at 14:50

You can do video chat through Google Talk on Honeycomb (Android 3.0), which is only available on the Motorola Xoom at this point in time. No word on when this feature will trickle down into newer versions of Android (2.4+) or if this will become a standalone/updatable market app like Gmail, YouTube, etc.

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