I am trying to get new mail notification from Tasker to Zooper widget, following the instructions given here. But Tasker says "No Active profile" and new mail updates are not coming until I run the "play" button in task.

I googled and come through similar question here and I make double check that I have indeed made an event for new mail.

The task is shown

here and here.

If I manually push play button, everything is ok, but thats not what it supposed to, right?

Kindly show me what went wrong here.

I am using unrooted Nexus 5, kitkat-4.4.2 and Tasker and zooper pro are from playstore and updated, if those matters.

  • I've never used Zooper, but that sounds as if the task doesn't get triggerd. Have you just setup the task, or also a profile/event to trigger it? If so, maybe the app you're using doesn't correctly support this (i.e. doesn't inform on new messages).
    – Izzy
    Commented Mar 5, 2014 at 14:24


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